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Reflexology can be dated back to China and Egypt around 4000 b.c. This is a gentle and non-intrusive complementary therapy. It is applied to the feet and can help restore balance and wellbeing to the mind, body, and soul. Using special techniques to work on the specific areas which relate to different parts of the body. The theory behind it all relates to the souls of the feet have a “map” of the body. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that can also leave you feeling re-vitalised! The treatment is easily given without the need to be undressed. All that is needed is to remove shoes and socks to allow the experience this amazing treatment.


Benefits of having Reflexology Milton Keynes with us.

  • A treatment may help to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Aids in the relief of headaches and migraines
  • It can help relieve sinus problems
  • Reflexology can aid sleep and lift your mood
  • I could also help rebalance hormonal imbalances

If you need some reflexology contact us for more info.

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Reflexology treatment on the feet

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