Massage during a pregnancy can be truly beneficial to mother and baby. Not only can it help reduce emotional stress, but it can reduce stresses on your body that is constantly changing and adapting to your unborn child. Research shows us that the baby also benefits for the endorphins “feel good” chemical released by the mother during a massage. receiving regular massages during a pregnancy can make a mother more aware of her own body. This can aid relaxation during labour. The more relaxed you are during the first stages of childbirth you are can result in a shorter labour period and reduced complications.


Benefits of having pregnancy massage Milton Keynes with us.

  • Helps reduce stress and stresses on the body
  • The baby benefits from endorphins released by the mother
  • Mother feels more aware of her changing body to relax
  • Relaxed mood can shorten labour time during the birth

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pregnancy massage milton keynes treatment

pregnancy massage treatment

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