pre pregnancy conception reflexology


This is a course of treatments for couples that are venturing through the journey of conception. This treatment is designed to help you through to conception. We will support you both through emotional challenges and help to prepare your mind, body, and soul towards your goal. High-stress levels is a big issue when trying to conceive. So, stress plays a very significant factor in the body’s ability to bare a child. The longer you try, the more stressed you can become. This develops a vicious circle as stress levels rise. Reflexology is a great treatment to help reduce stress and in turn aid the improvement in your health.

Benefits of having Pre pregnancy reflexology Milton Keynes with us.

  • Reflexology helps to balance hormones
  • May help to regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Aids in reducing stress levels in the body
  • A boost in your blood circulation

Each course of treatment will be discussed in full with each couple and is tailored to your personal needs. Ideally, treatments will cover a period of 6 months. We start with treatments very close together at first, then spreading them out gradually.

If you would like this reflexology treatment then contact us.

pre pregnancy reflexology milton keynes treatment

Pre-pregnancy conception reflexology

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