Did you know that a massage benefits us in many ways? It is a nice thing to have when you’re on holiday or for a treat on your birthday. That’s the general attitude of most people towards having a massage treatment, or indeed, any kind of ‘pampering’ treatment!

But, just think about the times you have enjoyed a treatment. Remember how relaxed you felt? Remember how calm, chilled & peaceful you were while you had your treatment, and after! Do you remember how well you slept that night….” like a baby” I hear you say! That’s right! You did, you felt amazing the next day as well didn’t you? You felt ‘lighter’ and not just in a physical sense, you felt emotionally lighter like you were more in control and you could just deal with things better.

Why have a massage I hear you say? Well, put simply, a massage and other treatments, benefit you in ways you just didn’t realise! We all know it feels ‘nice’ to have a massage. It gets rid of that dull ache or that knot in the shoulder, but what about the other benefits?


Massage on a regular basis, most of my clients opt for once a month, some every 2 weeks & some have a weekly treatment – it’s all personal and there are no ‘rules’. But, having a regular massage treatment will make you feel generally healthier and that’s just one of the massage benefits.

How? Because a regular massage will help boost your immune system. It’s all about the blood. A massage increases the activity of your white blood cells, the natural killer cells. As a result, blood circulation is enhanced in the body. These white blood cells are the ones that fight infection & viruses. When we massage you, we also use techniques that stimulate the lymphatic fluid, which is a fluid that carries all the nasty bits to the lymph nodes, to be filtered out. This helps keep you healthy.


Massage also reduces and relieves stress. It does this by increasing serotonin levels, which is a chemical that can affect your mood. This will help to reduce stress. Stress is a major drain on your body. It can affect your appetite & your sleep. All of these factors will affect how your body can cope

with illness, basically, if you’re not sleeping well, not eating well due to stress, your body won’t be able to fight off infection as well as normal. It’s a vicious circle.

Regular massage will help improve your sleep quality, this will help combat stress, anxiety and also depression. A massage will also help improve your mental alertness. You may feel sleepy or a little drowsy initially after your treatment, but as your circulation has been improved, and you are getting an increased, healthier, oxygen-rich blood supply, you will feel on top of the world!


Having a massage can also alleviate and reduce tension and muscle pain in muscle groups and in particular, a deep tissue massage and sports massage can speed up the healing of soft tissue injuries, which is beneficial for any eager sportsmen and women, or just so you can walk your dog without being in pain!

By working on the muscles and all of the components of the joint, which are the connective tissues, tendons and ligaments, regular massage can improve your flexibility and range of motion, keeping your joints more fluid and making them less prone to injury. Again, the improved blood circulation, taking all the good stuff to the area will help to loosen tight muscles and help repair the damaged tissue in the area.

Combine this with the amazing benefits or aromatherapy and its win-win all round! This is why I combine aromatherapy into all of my treatments for clients at no extra cost. The benefits of massage and other treatments such as reflexology are amazing as they are, but double them up with the oils and you are not only going to extend the benefits of the treatment for longer but broaden the benefits! That’s the power of essential oils, but that’s a whole other blog!!

The infographic clearly defines what are the 10 most noted massage benefits.

Benefits of Massage Therapy
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