Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils made from plant extracts for their therapeutic use. So, these oils are chosen for your personal and specific needs. Also, a number of different needs may be met by mixing the essential oils. Generally, a mix of 3 oils will be used in a treatment, and we take one from each fragrance group of oils. Consequently, this gives immediate beneficiary effects for a longer lasting treatment. The molecules of the oils are inhaled and also absorbed through the skin. Therefore, you will get the benefits of the massage with the added extra of the oils.


Benefits of having aromatherapy massage Milton Keynes.

  • Aromatherapy massage may help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety
  • It can also help reduce cellulite in women and improve skin texture
  • Aids in sleep balance and general physical and mental revitalization
  • Long lasting effects of using oils

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aromatherapy massage milton keynes treatment

Aromatherapy treatment

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